Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you do custom design?

        We have stock house designs to get you started, these can be modified by you or you can book an appointment with our designer for a 1 hour consultation.

    Can you use my plans?

        We are happy to use your plans, you do need to be aware of strict copyright laws if you take them from another builder or even if they are your plans and the other builder drew them up for you then the builder owns the copyright on those plans.

    What materials do you use?

        Majority of our houses are built slab on ground, steel frame, brick veneer, iron roof. But we are not limited to these materials, we are quite flexible with the materials that you want to build with.
        We have a large choice of selections that are part of our standard range you are not just limited to a few items. And we have unlimited choice in upgrades for that extra special touch.

    Do you use local trades?

        The majority of our trades are local, we still maintain a high standard of quality and if we cannot source good quality trades locally then we will look further afield.

    Can you build so that all I have to do is move in?

        Certainly, we can take the build to what level you want us to, if you want to move in the next day after we give you the keys. Landscaping, driveway, letterbox, blinds etc. can all be done.

    How long will my house take to build?

        Every home design is different, and every block we build on is different. We strive to get you into your new home as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of the finish, or the service we offer. We tailor a schedule for each individual project prior to construction and we have very thorough quality control systems in place to ensure your home is built within the agreed time-frames.

    What is the square metre rate for your designs?

        We do not calculate a house price based on a per square metre rate. For us to calculate the exact cost of a home is a very complex and thorough process. It is a step by step procedure involving design development, assessing site conditions, customisation of inclusions, and the list goes on. We are unable to give a definitive answer in the early stages however we are able to provide a price guide. At your initial meeting with our sales consultant, they will sit with you and discuss your design and give you a better indication of price. We do not provide a fixed price until working drawings, council approval and the entire customisation process is completed. Then we are able to provide you with a ‘no hidden extras’ fixed price contract.

    What kind of hidden surprises will I come up against?

        Hidden surprises only come up when you do not get all your reports processed before you sign a contract. The big items that usually require variations are footings, which are determined with a soil report, energy rating which is determined by an energy report, site cut and fill which is determined by a contour survey. Issues arising from below the ground e.g. rock, rubbish, old septic tanks cannot always be determined until construction proceeds but good planing and consultation should help lessen the impact of these surprises.

    Can you do a fixed price quote before I sign a contract?

        Most certainly, but we do require plans and reports to be completed before we can give you a fixed price.

    Another builder has a lower price?

        Houses are very hard to compare apples to apples, be very aware of allowances and try and get as much detail as possible from your quotes so you know exactly what you are paying for, we offer very comprehensive quotes that are often 20 plus pages of detail and where possible we will give you the fixed price on items.

    The other builder is offering me upgrades.

        Not always the offers are as great as you thought they would be, and usually you will be paying for that extra somewhere else or need to upgrade as that product is not quite sufficient. Our whole base range is of high quality with an extensive choice we do not limit you to inferior products to compensate for one or two higher quality upgrades.

    What makes you better than the other builders?

        We are a small local builder, our main focus is our customer, we do not see you as a number, through the process you will get to know our whole team. Our processes are very open we are not trying to hide anything from you, we feel this is a large investment and you need to be kept informed and have your say at each step.

    When and where do we do our selections?

        All our selections are done in-house at our office in Murray Bridge, and usually once we have the full construction plans, then we will arrange an appointment with yourself and our interior designer to work out all the finishes you require for your home. If you do not want to travel to Murray Bridge we have an Adelaide base selections room.

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