OUR BUILDING PROCESS - To ensure you are in good hands
Stage 1 - Design

We can walk you through designs that align to your lifestyle, needs and budget. We will provide you with an initial summary of estimated costs.

Stage 2 - Site Visit

We come out and visit your site, make some recommendations as to siting your home and be able to provide any other suggestions or highlight any areas of concern.
Stage 3 - Reporting and Contract

At this stage, we need to produce contour, footing report, energy report, plans and council planning rules approval to ensure you get a true guaranteed fixed price ready for you to sign up a contract.

Stage 4 - Selections

This is the fun part, where you get to choose everything from your bench tops to your window and door colours. This stage involves meeting with our interior designer, who takes you through these choices and provides advice.

Stage 5 - Final Approvals

Before we start the build, we need to ensure everything is in place.
  This includes applying for your building permit, confirming other necessary paperwork, completing final working drawings and supplier orders.

Stage 6 - Meet the Supervisor

We are now ready to start the construction of your new home! We will arrange a pre-construction briefing with your Building Supervisor, to discuss the build plan, review and confirm your selections and give you your guaranteed completion date.

Stage 7 - The Build

You will see your home progress from excavation and pouring of the slab, the frame and roof is installed. External finishes. We will install plasterboards next doors installed.  Oh so exciting the kitchen is put in place plus commence the tiling. Almost there. Final fittings and fixtures will be installed.

Stage 8 - Quality Assurance

We will conduct a final quality assurance check, followed by the final walk through and presentation of your beautiful new home.

Stage 9 - 6 Months Defect Liability Period

Six months after settlement, a scheduled service takes place, just to make sure all is as it should be. This will be conducted by a member of our Service Team.

And the whole time you can be assured you are kept up to minute details of the progress for your home through our online portal that can be accessed anywhere.
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